Feral Hog Trapping And Removal​

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We use the latest in remote trapping technology to ensure that our traps are not a danger to the people in your community or the native wildlife in your area. Once a trap is engaged and the hogs are trapped we will be out promptly to remove them. As our customer you will receive a summary including video documentation of our catch. – Aaron Einhaus, Owner

Did you Know?

Pigs are opportunistic omnivores who will eat almost anything they can fit in their mouths…and a SINGLE SOW can have two litters of 4-8 piglets in 12 to 15 months!

Feral Hogs Cause Damage to Property and the Enrivonment

Through wallowing, rubbing, and rooting they can cause large amounts of property damage to irrigation, septic, landscaping, and even structures.

Feral hogs cause an estimated $52 million in damage every single year.

There are a host of parasites and pathogens that pigs can potentially carry and spread.

Due to their desire to wallow in mud they can contaminate streams, creeks, and ponds with their waste, filled with diseases and parasites.

Feral Hog Control Solutions


Fences can keep them out but these crafty swine are persistent and known for their circumvention of light and heavy barriers.


While this can can help to curb the population it poses an obvious danger to your community, and it is much more effective to catch a whole sounder (herd).


This can work, but is just as likely to kill other wildlife species.


This is truly the only way to effectively manage a hog problem.

Why let these invasive creatures cause any more damage to your property or subdivision? Call us at (512) 964-3913 and get those varmints outta there!!!

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